Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy


Qualification: Ph.D.
Experience: ( UG-B.E) -8yrs PG (M.E,M.C.A,M.Tech.,)- 12yrs
Area of Specialization:
Software Architecture and Patterns,
Enterprise Application Integration, Natural Language Processing
Subject Taught: Middleware Technologies
Guideship: Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Computer Science & Engineering.
Address: C-66, Thillai Nagar, Trichy-620017 ,TN ,India  
Mobile: 9486929662  
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Website:  http://www.csbdu.in/head/  
  • Profile of Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy

  • He has 26 years of total experience in academia, Industry, research & consultancy services.
  • He has 8.5 year International experience in the U.S and U.K.
  • He served as a Consultant for a few fortune companies that include IBM, Bell Labs, Toyota etc.
  • He specialized in designing and architecting N-Tier and EAI technologies.
  • He received the Young Scientist Fellow award for the year 1994 from the Govt of Tamil Nadu with cash award of Rs.20000.
  • His areas of Research include: Semantic Web, Auto Programming, Ontology and Text Mining.
  • He is the Recipient of “Who is Who in the World – 2009” Award by Marquis, USA for individual accomplishment
  • He is a nominee for “Rashtriya Gouvrav” award.
  • He is the recipient of “Best Citizens of India” award.
  • He published individually around 18 research papers and jointly around 30 papers at international journals and conferences.
  • He acted as academic advisor for mediating off-campus programs in University of Valley Creek, USA
  • He is a member in several academic and technology councils in various Universities in India.
  • He convened many international/national conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • He is a referee and editorial member in a few international journals
  • He is a Senior Member in IEEE, ACM and IAENG
  • He is a Life Member in Indian Science Congress, ISTE and Computer Society of India.
  • Currently he is the Chairman of CSI, Trichy Chapter.
  • He is the Director of Technology Park and the Chair, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Bharathidasan University, India.
  • He obtained his Masters in 1988 and Ph.D in 1996.
  • His hobbies: Pilot Trainee for Air Crafts, Hiking, Aerobics, Golfing.
  • Publications

International Journals

1. Gopinath Ganapathy, Pre-syntactic Analysis of NL Sentences for Auto Generation of Programming Interface, Journal of Computer Science, pp269-276, 2006, India
2. Gopinath.G and Jayakumar G, Performance Comparison of MANET Protocols Based on Manhattan Grid Mobility Model, Journal of Mobile Communication, Volume 2, Number 1, 2007, ISSN: 1990-794X
3. Geetha J and Gopinath G, Performance Comparison of Two On-demand Routing Protocols for Ad-hoc Networks based on Random Way Point Mobility Model, American Journal of Applied Sciences, 659-664, 2008, ISSN 1546-9239
4. Geetha J and G.Gopinath, Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks Routing Protocols – A Review, Journal Of Computer Science 3(8): 574-582, 2007, ISSN 1549-3636
5. Geetha J and Gopinath Ganapathy, Performance Comparison of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocol, International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS), Vol.7 No.11, November 2007.
6. Gopinath Ganapathy, Lourdus Ravi, “Feature Analysis of Ontology Mediation Tools”, International Journal of Computer Science, 437-446, 2008, ISSN 1549-3636
7. Geetha Jayakumar and Gopinath Ganapathi, “Reference Point Group Mobility and Random Waypoint Models in Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing
Protocols,” Journal of Computer Systems, Networks, and Communications, vol. 2008, Article ID 860364, 10 pages, 2008. doi:10.1155/2008/860364
8. Gopinath Ganapathy and Arunesh, Recommendation System Frame Work Based On Web Usage Mining, International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Volume 22 No. 6, 2009, pp887-896

International Conferences

9. Gopinath, .G, and Ayyadurai, .M, Syntactic Analysis of Pronominal Sentences with Prolog, p 423-431. In Information Technology Applications in Language, Script., and Speech, BPB Publn, India, 1994.
10. Gopinath.G and Ayyadurai,.M, kaNittamizh - A native Speakers Programming Language p507-513. In Information Technology Applications in Language, Script., and Speech, BPB Publn, India, 1994.
11. Gopinath, .G and Ayyadurai, .M, Tamilzhil oru kaNippoRi mozhi, In the proceedings of National level Conference "Tamil and Computers" organized by Anna University , August 1994, pp. 11-16.
12. Gopinath, G., and Arumugam, G., Pre-syntax Analysis of Terminology in Auto Programming, 1996.
13. G.Gopinath and B.Lalitha, Towards Auto Programming Through Object Oriented Programming, 1996.
14. Gopinath, G., and Bagvati Siva Kumar, P., Automatic Grammar Acquisition in 

Auto Programming, International Conference on Education, Computer Science 

and Technology, India,1996. 

15. Gopinath, G., TASK: Teaching Aid for Spastic Kids, EDUCOMP'96, International Conference on Education, Computer Science and Technology. India. 1996
16. K.Mani and Gopinath Ganapathy, Time Analysis of ElGamal and Massey-Omura Public Key Alogorithms Based on Grouping Factor, Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Computing, pp500-505, MacMillan, 2009

17. Gopinath Ganapathy and Mani, Maximization of Speed in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Fuzzy Modular Arithmetic Over a Micro-contoller Environment., pp 328-332 World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, October 2009, San Francisco, USA
18. Gopinath Ganapathy and Mani, Add-on Security Model for Public Key Crypto System based on Magic Square Implementation, pp 317-322, World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, October, 2009, San Francisco, USA

National Journals

19. Gopinath Ganapathy, A Gap Analysis towards Balancing the Synergy Between the Institution and IT industry, CSI Communications, April, 2006, India


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