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Admissions Regulations - M. Tech., (Information Technology)

(For the candidates admitted from the academic year 2010 onwards)
1. Name of the Programme
Bharthidasan University is offering a two year M.Tech. (Information Technology) Programme to be conducted in the Department of Computer Science, Bharthidasan University.
2. Eligibility for admission to the Programme
a) Masters degree in science majoring Computer Science, IT or Computer Application or its equivalent with 60% or b) Bachelor / Masters degree in Engineering/ technology in CSE, ECE, IT, EEE, ICE or its equivalent with 60%
3. Duration of the Program
The program is for a period of 2 years. Each year shall consist of two semester namely odd and even semester. Odd semester shall commence from July and even semesters from December. There shall not be less than 45 teaching clock hours for each semester (Exclusive of the days for the conduct of the examinations).
4. Scheme of the Examination
An End Semester Examination (ESE) must be conducted in the first/third semester will be conducted in November/December and the End semester for the second/fourth semester will be conducted in the month of April. A candidate who does not pass the examination in a certain subject(s) of the first, second, and third semesters will be permitted to appear in such failed subject(s) along with the subjects in any subsequent semester examinations.
5. Attendance

  • Students should put in at least 75% attendance in each course
  • In each semester every candidate must compulsorily register for the examination in all the courses pertaining to that semester
  • No candidate who has put in attendance for less than 75% of the working days in a semester will be permitted to take the ESE pertaining to that semester unless he/she gets condonation certificate.
  • On the day on which a course is concluded, the course teacher of the course shall intimate the Head of the Department the particulars of all the students who have shortage of attendance in the course offered by him/her.
  • The Head of the Department should announce the names of all the students who will not be eligible to take the end semester examination in the various courses due to shortage of attendance
  • Condonation of shortage of attendance shall be given as per the provisions given below:
    • The head of the Department may condone lack of attendance for a student in a course when the student had put in at least 65% attendance for the course concerned and pays a condonotion fee of suitable amount to be prescribed by the University from time to time. A candidate who has put in less than 65% attendance must repeat the course.

6. Question Paper Pattern
Part A - Ten questions, two from each unit. No choice. Each carries One mark (10 X 1 = 10)
Part B - Ten questions, two from each unit. No choice. Each carries two marks (10 X 2 = 20)
Part C - Five questions, one from each unit either or type. Each carries 4 marks (5 X 4 = 20)
Part D - Case Study, It Carries 10 Marks (10 X 1 = 10)
7. Passing Minimum for a course
A candidate shall be declared to have passed a certain course if he/she secures not less than 40% marks in the ESE and not less than 50% in the aggregate taking CIA and ESE together. In terms of marks, the student should secure not less than 30 marks and not less than 50 in the aggregate taking CIA and ESE together. A candidate shall be declared to have passed in the project work if he/she gets not less than 40% in the valuation of dissertation and not less than 50% in the aggregate of both the marks for valuation of dissertation and vivavoce examination to pass in project work.
8. Grade and Grade Points of the Courses
When a candidate earns 90 credits his/her overall grade point average (OGPA) will be grade point of the total marks obtained in all courses.
9. Ranking and Classification
Ranks are awarded based on the total marks obtained by the candidate. Only those candidates who successfully complete the whole programme within Four semesters and are not awarded grade E (passing minimum) or I (inadequate attendance) or AAA (absent to ESE ) in ESE are eligible for consideration for ranking.
If the OGPA is four or above the candidates will be declared to have passed in first class; otherwise second class.
If the OGPA is eight or above the candidate will be declared to have passed in first class with distinction provided he/she passes all the courses without any E or I or AAA in any ESE.
10. Supplementary Examinations
Any candidate, for whom, when the results of the exam conducted in April/May of the end of the semester are published there is just one course for which credit is to be earned and it is from the final semester, will be eligible to appear for the supplementary exam which may be conducted in the supplementary July/August provided that he/she appears for the ESE for that courses in April/May
Note. The above regulations are subject to amendments from time to time.