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CSBDU Campus

Bharathidasan University named after the revolutionary Tamil Poet has made rapid strides in the field of higher education and has been adjudged as one of the most reputed Universities in the country, have been accredited with A Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The University has sprawling thousand acre scenic campus on the Tiruchirappalli. The Department of Computer Science is functioning as an integral part of Bharthidasan University Technology Park located in Kajamalai campus. The students are taking part in the projects of Technology Park to get real-time learning and earning opportunities. Majority of the students have notebook computers so that carry-in, code-in, carry-out labs are used. We have nationally and internationally renowned faculty who have an excellent academic record. Many of them have won awards and distinctions. We intended to get several research projects from the National and International Agencies, Government as well as Industries are in Progress in different departments. National and International Seminars, Symposium and Conferences are held periodically in the department which would provide an excellent exposure to the young post-graduate students. In addition to very good Instrumentation and Research facilities including computers / internet facility (for students and faculty), there is also a club for Yoga, sports, movies etc.,

CSBDU Computorium

The BUTP computorium is used by the department to provide curriculum lab for the students. The department is aiming to create speciality labs for open source (LAMP), wireless, Hardware labs that allow students to enhance their skills other than curriculum. Currently it is a twelve hour lab and eventually will become a twenty four hours lab. The lab has full time network administrator and technical support personnel. Bar codes or finger prints based ID cards are going to be used for entry and access. The department has state of the art apple mac machines to provide enriched operating system usage experience to the students.

CSBDU Library

Our department has a good library equipped with large number of volumes of books on all subjects and professional journals as well as popular magazines. In addition it has Internet connection and E-mail facilities for students to access libraries and databases around the world. Subscripted journals and IT magazines are also available. Soon the library will become twenty four hours with students managing it. e-journals and e-magazines are available for the students from the digital library. Online downloading of study materials and e-books are now made open to students via this digital libray