This is an e-Office suite which governs the activities of the computer science,Engineering and Applications Department's Office. There is a saying that the best Government is the one that governs least. But this e-office suit is developed with an objective to govern all activities of the department. Currently, the suit governs five differnt activities that are listed here.

  • e-Admission
  • e-studentactive
  • Event Management
  • e-Controller
  • Staff Registry
  • BOS Management


This e-admission page is for maintaining the data about the candidates who apply for the various courses such as M.Tech., M.C.A., M.B.A. and Ph.D. The details ( admission procedures, applicant qualifications, list of processed applications, mode of admissions (Regular Scheme,Self Financing Scheme), short listed candidates, important dates and the like) are stored in a repository and can be accessed only by authenticated users.


This application is developed to maintain and analyze the performance of every student academicaly and technically. A performance repository is created using this application to assist the performance evaluation task. The repository also maintains a tallent pool which gives the details about the different technical skills of student.

Event Management

The special events such as seminars, national and international level conferences, resource persons, their profiles, the hospitality arrangements are maintained by this application.


e-controller application is aimed to provide an environment for simplyfying the day to day operations of the controller of examinations. This application has provisions for result processing, report generation and maintains a repository of details including qpsetters, external valuation team and log data about the valuation process. This application also assists in semester exam application processing.

Staff Registry

This application is used to process the information of the faculty and staff in the department of computer science,Engineering and Applications, their qualification, experience, address for communication both postal and e-mail, the subjects handled by them, academic performance, their contributions to the department apart from teaching and the like.

BOS Management

This application maintains details to the user regarding Board of Studies. The members of the board, the special invitees of the board from various organizations and institutions, their experience, qualifications, their memberships with other boards. The application also manages and provides details about the boards calendar, subjects proposed in the board meetings and the suggestions made by the board towards the proposed programmes, courses and syllabi.